Car body polishing

Car body polishing is a professional restorative and protective process. We specialize in polishing the paintwork of cars and motorcycles, seamlessly eliminating scratches from the clear coat.

Car body
1Class 2Class 3Class 4Class 5Class
Preparing the car body for polishing (washing + cleaning from bitumen, resins) 200 AED 250 AED 250 AED 300 AED
Soft polish of the body 1 600 AED 1 700 AED 1 800 AED 1 900 AED 2 000 AED
Full abrasive polishing 1 900 AED 2 000 AED 2 100 AED 2 200 AED 2 300 AED
Car glass polishing
Windshield or rear window 300 AED 350 AED
Side glass 150 AED
Optics polishing
Headlights or lanterns (per pair) 180 AED 200 AED 230 AED 250 AED 280 AED

** We also draw your attention to the fact that, depending on the degree of pollution, coefficients of 1.5-2 may be applied to the above prices.


Polishing is a series of procedures designed to preserve color depth, restore paintwork, and shield against environmental influences. Surprisingly, even a new car can benefit from professional polishing, not just for the body but also for the windshield, headlights, and other parts. Upon close inspection, you may notice a subtle shagreen effect on the paint surface, indicating unevenness. Light manual polishing can eliminate these irregularities, leaving the coating perfectly smooth and shiny.


1. Removes scratches, bumps, and other minor defects.
2. Smoothens the surface.
3. Enhances hydrophobic effects.
4. Guards against corrosion formation.
5. Imparts gloss and shine to the paintwork.


1. Abrasive polishing of the car - minimally affects the paintwork's thickness. Removes small scratches and abrasions, restoring the car's original shine.

2. Anti-hologram polishing – employs non-abrasive polishes based on synthetic materials or waxes. Effectively shields the paintwork from impacts, mechanical damage, and enhances the coating's appearance.

3. Combined polishing - suitable for Japanese-made cars with thin and less durable layers of varnish. Uses non-abrasive and finely abrasive pastes.


The cost of body or car glass polishing depends on the complexity of the work and your car's class. With Brooklands Premium, you can opt for spot or full polishing.

With professional implementation, your car will undergo a remarkable transformation and maintain its new 'shining' appearance for an extended period, irrespective of weather conditions. Raindrops and splashes of dirty water simply cannot linger on the water-repellent surface of polished parts, preserving their cleanliness, shine, and impeccable appearance.