Car interior detailing

Detailing of car leather interiors. Cleaning, protection, leather care. Removal of contaminants and ceramic protection. Defense against cracking, stains, and fading.

Car interior detailing

Car interior
1Class 2Class 3Class 4Class 5Class
Comprehensive interior dry cleaning (including trunk) 1 400 AED 1 500 AED 1 600 AED 1 700 AED 1 800 AED
Letech steering wheel dry cleaning 50 AED
Door card 50 AED
Armrest 30 AED
Roof racks (per pair) 50 AED
Front seat - textile (one chair) 100 AED
Front seat - dark leather (one chair) 100 AED
Front seat - light leather (one chair) 100 AED
Rear row of seats - textile 100 AED
Rear row of seats - dark leather 100 AED
Rear row of seats - light leather 100 AED
Trunk 100 AED
Ceiling including sun visors 180 AED 180 AED 180 AED 200 AED 200 AED
Carpeted interior floor 100 AED 120 AED 150 AED 150 AED 200 AED
**We also draw your attention to the fact that, depending on the degree of pollution, coefficients of 1.5-2 may be applied to the above prices.

A tidy, well-maintained interior ensures the utmost comfort for everyone in the car, leaving a favorable impression of the car owner. To achieve optimal results, consider our interior dry cleaning service, performed efficiently within a short timeframe.


While the primary goal of interior cleaning is to remove visible dirt and rejuvenate the appearance, our comprehensive dry cleaning excels at cleaning hard-to-reach areas and refreshing the cabin's external surfaces, including the ceiling and seats, regardless of their material.

химчистка кожи салона

Our skilled craftsmen utilize environmentally friendly detergents and fragrances, ensuring safety and preventing allergic reactions. Beyond enhancing the interior's appearance, dry cleaning is more than a cosmetic procedure; it contributes to creating a safer environment for both the driver and passengers. How? Partly, interior dry cleaning functions as a disinfectant, eliminating harmful microorganisms and microscopic dust mites that could lead to respiratory issues. Additionally, the procedure effectively eliminates stubborn odors, such as lingering cigarette smoke.


While some car owners attempt DIY interior cleaning to save money, the result is often far from ideal and time-consuming. Entrusting thorough interior cleaning to professionals is a wise choice. Detailing centers employ specialized tools and equipment that aren't readily available, and their proper use requires specific expertise. A professional can refresh the seats, floor, ceiling, and side walls within a few hours, achieving impeccable cleanliness even in hard-to-reach places. Moreover, the process effectively tackles challenging stains like spilled coffee, old grease, or sticky chewing gum residue.

удаление жвачки и пятен из салона

Modern car interiors feature a range of materials, from various fabrics to genuine leather. Our experts individually select cleaners suitable for your car, utilizing technology that allows us to reach the farthest corners with a special washing foam. Importantly, dry cleaning extends beyond the visible interior, covering the dashboard, steering wheel, and more. The cleaning products are developed with the characteristics of modern cars in mind and are entirely safe for internal electronics.