Car Paint Services

Professional car painting in Dubai: full body and spot painting. Free consultation. Estimate the cost of car painting via WhatsApp/Telegram! Warranty included.

1Class 2Class 3Class 4Class 5Class
Painting of a car part (door, bumper, front fender) * 1 650 AED 1 650 AED 1 750 AED 1 800 AED 1 800 AED
Car hood painting * 900 - 1 200 AED
Roof painting * 1 800 - 2 200 AED
Roof painting (SUV, minivan) * 2 200 - 3 300 AED
Localized painting * 850 AED
Painting of the rear fender * 1 200 - 1 400 AED
Black edition
"Black edition" Package * 4 000 AED 4 500 AED 5 500 AED 6 000 AED
"Black edition" details:
Window molding 1 500 AED 1 700 AED 2 000 AED 2 200 AED 2 500 AED
Doorhandle 400 AED 430 AED 460 AED 490 AED 520 AED
Radiator grille (nostrils) 1 000 AED 1 100 AED 1 200 AED 1 300 AED 1 400 AED
Air intakes on the wings (gills) 450 AED 480 AED 510 AED 550 AED 600 AED
Trunk lid trim 500 AED 530 AED 560 AED 600 AED 630 AED
Door trim 450 AED 480 AED 520 AED 560 AED 600 AED
Emblem 200 AED
Wheels and calipers painting
Powder coating of wheels (for all four units)
R14-17 2 000 AED
R18-22 2 200 AED
R23-24 2 400 AED
Calipers painting (for all four units) 2 700 AED 2 800 AED
Painting calipers with a logo (for all four units) 3 000 AED

*Painting a car with matte or three-layer paint is 30% more expensive.
**To clarify the cost of the service, you should contact the manager.
When painting a part using a special device, it is 30% more expensive.


Complete car painting means applying paintwork materials (paintwork) to all elements of the body, without exception, it may involve the use of colors or shades that are different from the “original” ones. This is one of the advantages of painting the whole car over local painting of individual parts since there is no need to select the right color. A complete repainting of a car is most often resorted to after an accident or large-scale body work, and updating the paintwork is also an effective way to return the car body to an excellent appearance.

Painting the entire car can be attributed to work that requires highly qualified craftsmen, since any flaws made in violation of the technological rules of painting are always very clearly visible on the body elements. Sagging, smudges, graininess, flaking, craters - poor-quality painting will not only spoil the appearance, but with a high degree of probability will become a source of corrosion foci. Let's figure out what the correct and modern painting of a car is, as well as how these works are performed by craftsmen when servicing premium and business class automotive equipment: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, etc.


Car painting is a fairly profitable business, so today you can get guarantees of the best car painting in words both from specialized car repair shops and from private traders working in ordinary garages. It should be understood that it is almost impossible to obtain a high quality of such work without creating the proper conditions. Speaking of painting the entire car body, we should talk about rooms kept in perfect cleanliness and even sterility. The slightest presence of dust - and fresh paintwork will surely attract it, eventually forming a grainy surface. There are also high requirements for the preparation of the painted surface. Such working conditions can only be created in specialized boxes where air is filtered, and ideally, painting and drying chambers are installed, additionally equipped with dust filters, fresh air inlets and steam outlets. And of course, those who are interested in exclusive car painting, associated with the creation of real masterpieces of airbrushing, should contact real professionals in their field, working in special conditions.


When ordering a complete painting and polishing of their car, many are faced with a choice: what color to choose - “original” or new? Let's not forget that to make a cardinal color change with this approach to body painting possible, with absolutely all surfaces of the body getting new shades, you need to get to all the most secluded and hidden places. To do this, you need to dismantle the part.

Another common question is the procedure for selecting colors for "original" paint. Someone determines the type of enamel by eye, others trust this procedure to special computer programs. The most reliable option is to get first-hand information, that is, from the technical documentation for the car. If there is none, it is better to use modern computer technology.


Matte shades on a car are visually perceived differently than the more familiar glossy ones, and it’s hard not to agree that such an effect gives the exterior of the body a certain gloss, and with it a certain solidity or status. When ordering a matte painting for your car, you will be able to get not only a stylish muted body color, but also:

✔ increased resistance of the paintwork to scratches and chips;
✔ the ability to quickly fix minor cracks or damage during cosmetic repairs;
✔ simplification of the car wash process;
✔ increased service life of the paintwork as a whole.