Car Ceramic Coating

Professional ceramic car body coating in Dubai from 1700 AED, offering the best prices and quality. Achieve a powerful shine and hydrophobic effect.

1Class 2Class 3Class 4Class 5Class
Protective coating for the car body
Protective coating Brooklands Light 1 700 AED 1 800 AED 1 900 AED 2 000 AED 2 100 AED
Protective coating Brooklands Classic 2 500 AED 2 600 AED 2 700 AED 2 800 AED 2 900 AED
Protective coating Brooklands Premium 3 500 AED 3 600 AED 3 700 AED 3 800 AED 3 900 AED
Protective coating Brooklands Platinum 4 500 AED 4 600 AED 4 700 AED 4 800 AED 4 900 AED
Wheels protection
Ceramic protective solution for the discs (one layer) 550 AED 600 AED 650 AED 700 AED 750 AED
Ceramic protective solution for the discs (two layers) 800 AED 900 AED 1 000 AED 1 100 AED 1 200 AED
Protective coatings for the interior
Leather cleaning with LeTech compositions 350 AED 400 AED 450 AED 500 AED 550 AED
Leather treatment with Le Tech compounds 300 AED 330 AED 360 AED 400 AED 430 AED


The uniqueness of our composition lies in the 80% content of inorganic silicon dioxide, providing excellent wet gloss, chemical resistance, and high coating durability.

Ideal for summer, all products boast a high hydrophobic effect, with the difference lying in the number of applied layers:

✔  Brooklands Light: - Applied in one layer, offering approximately 5 months of effective protection;

✔  Brooklands Classic - This protective coating is applied in two layers, effective for about 10 - 12 months;

✔  Brooklands Premium - Three protective layers extend the protection to about 12 to 14 months;

✔  Brooklands Platinum - Four layers provide even more reliable protection for 14 - 16 months*.

For enhanced protection against moisture, sun-induced paint fading, and richer color, you can experiment with the number of layers. The more layers applied, the more pronounced the product's properties become.

*All estimated timeframes consider proper car maintenance after applying the protective ceramic coating.

General characteristics of Brooklands ceramic coatings:

✔ High gloss (comparable to a diamond effect).

✔ Enduring resistance to chemical influences.

✔ UV ray blocking to prevent paint fading.

✔ Powerful hydrophobicity and a self-cleaning effect.

✔ Minimized corrosion risk from raindrops (calcium effect).

Treating your car with Brooklands compounds will shield it from corrosion and facilitate easy cleaning of the body from dirt of any complexity. We recommend reviewing the recommendations for car care after applying a protective coating.