Detailing car in Dubai

Car detailing in Dubai: interior and exterior detailing, car body polishing, ceramic coating application, body protection, soundproofing, and dry cleaning. Professional service. Guaranteed results.

1Class 2Class 3Class 4Class 5Class
Detailing car care (duration – 2 hours)
- body;
- openings;
- interior cleaning.
200 AED 200 AED 230 AED 230 AED 250 AED
Premium detailing car care (duration 2.5 hours)
- body;
- openings;
- interior cleaning;
- trunk cleaning;
- Koch leather conditioner.
300 AED 300 AED 300 AED 350 AED 400 AED
Detailing interior cleaning 130 AED 130 AED 130 AED 150 AED 150 AED
Trunk cleaning 70 AED
Koch leather conditioner 100 AED 100 AED 100 AED 120 AED 130 AED
Leather cleaning with Letech compositions (all leather interior elements) 350 AED 400 AED 450 AED 500 AED 550 AED
Deep cleaning of the paintwork (removal of bitumen, oxides, vegetable resins, traces of insects and other stains, metal) 150 AED 170 AED 180 AED 200 AED 230 AED
Deep rims cleanup (4 pc) 150 AED
Anti-rain coating
Front hemisphere 250 AED
All glasses 350 AED
Car engine compartment care
Car engine compartment care 300 AED 350 AED 350 AED 350 AED 400 AED
Deep cleaning of the radiator
Deep cleaning of the radiator 300 AED
Cleaning the wheels and suspension
Cleaning the wheels and suspension 600 AED 600 AED 600 AED 700 AED 700 AED
Convertible roof care
Cabriolet roof dry cleaning 400 AED
Application of a hydrophobic coating 500 AED

**Please take all valuables from the car, as the administration is not responsible for them.


Detailing car care involves a comprehensive and thorough cleaning of the car body, removing dirt of varying complexity using advanced and professional tools. Special attention is given to small details and hard-to-reach places.

детейлинг мойка автомобиля

In addition to professional car body care, our center provides services for engine care, wheel arches, suspension, and radiator maintenance.


Please note that car detailing does not include interior care. If your interior needs cleaning, you can opt for our all-in-one cleaning service.

очистка салона автомобиля

Interior care includes:

✔ Thorough vacuuming to remove dust, crumbs, and other foreign particles.;

✔ Wet cleaning with specialized cleaning products;

✔ Application of conditioner for a protective layer.

In cases of stubborn and hard-to-remove dirt, we recommend dry-cleaning the interior.